Cattle Feed
Cattle Feed is used to supplement the energy and protein provided by forages and is typically fed in smaller quantities than forage. Hay, silage, and pasture are all examples of forage, which is the primary food source for cattle. Cattle receive energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals because they are rich in fiber.
Desi Chicks
Desi Chicks can be raised for both meat and egg production, and small-scale farmers and rural households frequently raise them. They are known for their hardiness, adaptability to local environments, and resistance to diseases despite typically being smaller and growing more slowly than commercial breeds. 
Milking Machine
Milking Machine is made to keep healthy udders and stop the spread of mastitis and other diseases between animals. In order to avoid contaminating the milk with dirt, bacteria, or other impurities, this machine should also be used in conjunction with good milking hygiene practices.
Dairy Farm Shed
A Dairy Farm Shed is a building used to keep dairy animals like sheep, goats, and cows safe and secure. The shed gives the animals a comfortable place to rest and produce milk as well as protection from the elements and predators. It is intended to provide adequate insulation, lighting, and ventilation. 
Cow Mat
Cow Mat is intended to give cows a clean, comfortable surface to lie on, which can enhance their general well-being and output. They aid in keeping cows dry and clean, which can lower the risk of skin infections and enhance udder health. They can increase mobility and reduce the likelihood of lameness. 
Chaff Cutter Machine
Chaff Cutter Machine consists of a number of rotating knives or blades that chop forage as it is fed into the device. For the purpose of making small pieces of straw, hay, and other forages for use as animal feed, this is used. 
Milk Can
Milk Can is made to keep milk cool and fresh while being transported and stored. To prevent contamination and milk spills, they are typically equipped with a tight-fitting lid. It typically come in sizes ranging from small 5-liter cans to large 40-liter cans and is made of stainless steel or aluminium.
Dung Trolley
Dung Trolley is a wheeled cart used to collect and move animal manure or other farm waste from barns or animal pens to a storage or disposal area. The cart is made to make manure handling and cleaning out animal pens more effective and labour-saving.
Cattle Water Bowl
Cattle Water Bowl is a tool used to supply cattle and other farm animals with a steady supply of clean drinking water. The water bowl is typically constructed of sturdy materials like metal, plastic, or concrete and is intended to withstand damage from animal activity.
Cow Water Trough
Cow Water Trough is used to continuously supply cows with clean drinking water on farms. The water trough is typically constructed of sturdy materials like metal, concrete, or plastic and is intended to withstand damage from animal activity. This comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Brown Eggs
Brown Eggs are those laid by specific chicken breeds with brown feathers. The breed of the chicken determines the color of the egg's shell, which has no bearing on the egg's flavor or nutritional value. Compared to white eggs, they are frequently thought to be healthier or of higher quality.
Ventilation Fan
An electrical device called a Ventilation Fan circulates air in a structure or enclosure to enhance air quality and lessen heat and moisture buildup. This is frequently used in barns and other animal housing facilities in livestock farming to give the animals a comfortable environment.
Cow Leash
Cow Leash is available in a variety of lengths and materials. It is made to make it possible for handlers to control the cow while milking, grooming, or showing. It is a lengthy strap with a handle at one end that is fastened to the cow's collar.
Farming Cow
A Farming Cow is a domesticated cow that is raised for agricultural purposes, such as the production of milk, meat, or as a draught animal. Dairy farming involves raising cows to produce milk, which is then used to create a variety of dairy goods like cheese, butter, and yogurt. 

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